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Health & Safety Protocols - Updated 3.7.2022

Dear Friends, Change has been the constant in the Coronavirus pandemic.  At Temple Israel, we have carefully navigated safety protocols for the last two years, and we’re at another turning point.  The infection rates in Westchester generally and Croton and adjacent towns specifically are extremely low.  The CDC and NYS have instituted new regulations, and local schools have done the same.  With our medical consultant’s guidance, we feel the lowered risk levels enable us to downgrade our Covid rules at the present time. Effective immediately, masks are voluntary for access inside the Temple building and on the Temple grounds, as long as you are vaccinated OR had a Covid infection within three months of your Temple visit.  We still recommend vaccinations and boosters for everyone eligible to get them.  If you are unvaccinated and without a recent Covid infection, please continue to wear a mask (if greater than 2 years old).  Please maintain a three-foot space between family “pods” when you sit in groups.  We will prioritize outdoor activities as much as possible - the outdoors and good ventilation continue to be our friend to minimize transmission.  As before, we leave your adherence to these protocols to the honor system.  If you have any symptoms of COVID illness as specified by the CDC (cough, congestion, fever, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, headache, loss of smell/taste), or recent COVID exposure, please do not enter the Temple. Our clergy will discuss the protocols for b’nai mitzvah services with each family. Temple Israel may modify these rules depending on changing infection rates, NYS or CDC guidelines, or our medical consultant’s recommendations. May Covid-19 continue to recede quickly in our rear-view mirrors

Thu, October 6 2022 11 Tishrei 5783