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session 8 11/28/18

Mrs. Copel and Mrs. Smith

Shalom Mishpachot - Hello Families!

Today we:

  1. Reviewed the Chanukah Blessings and talked about how we light the Chanukah candles because we are commanded to do so in response to the 3 miracles of long ago. Not just the oil lasting for 8 days, but because a small army defeated a large army, and that there are Jewish people today! We talked about how Chanukah will begin Dec 2 at sundown.
  2. Examined the lyrics to a song called Judah Maccabee - attached here


I pointed out how the writer wanted to show how important it is to act like Judah Maccabee even in modern times - wherever somebody is fighting for religious freedom . Due to technical issues, I couldn't play the original version - so here it is. Please share it with your child and whole family. I don't consider it Hanukkah unless I've heard this...

08 - Sons of Safam - Safam - Judah Macabbee.mp3

  1. Ate dinner in a new 'camp style' format that the kids really liked.
  2. Talked about proper behavior in class and generated some ideas about what the consequences should be for not following the rules.

Except for the people from whom we got permission slips recently, you (or your child whose email address you gave us) should have received instructional emails directly from Behrmann House about how to log in to the Hebrew in Harmony website and to download the Hebrew in Harmony app to any device. Your students will use the app to create recordings of prayers for me and to play games with which to learn prayers better. The sooner they log in to the system, the better.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions.

Happy Hanukkah!

Laura Copel -


Shalom Kitah Vav Parents,

In Judaica class, our Vavniks created present-day skits in small groups that paralleled situations the Jews of Israel faced under the rule of King Antiochus. Themes of skits centered on choices of assimilation, adaptation and resistance which the Jews of Israel also had to decide. Reflection questions were answered as well as thinking what we can do to make a positive difference in class, our family and in school. We concluded the evening with Tefilah led by Rabbi Pein and accompanied by Mrs. Copel and Mr. Chazdon.

We also enjoyed a fun Hanukkah-themed video here and shared all of the terms related to Hanukkah.

Next week, we will be participating in a special Hanukkah program- Jewish Drum Tales. The Jewish Drum Tales facilitators will bring the Hanukkah story of Hanukkah to life through an interactive musical program of drumming. A Hanukkah dinner with latkes will be served at 6:15 pm. At 6:40 pm, CJL parents are invited to join us in the sanctuary to participate in lighting the 4th candle of Hanukkah.

Please also consider donating canned food to benefit the Croton Caring Committee through Sunday, December 16th-a community action project led by Kitah Dalet (4th grade)!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Hanukkah!


Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779