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session 11 12/19/18

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Copel

Dear Kitah Vav Parents-

In Judaica class, we continued our study of Jewish Communities around the world with the visual of the Festival of Lights exhibit.

First we worked in pairs and shared one Jewish community that we found interesting from the photos and compiled the responses on a white board.

Then, we reflected that although these Jewish communities are diverse, the pictures show that the Jewish communities are celebrating Hanukkah like we do- lighting the Hanukkiah,  being with family, having parties, telling the Maccabee story.  Also we learned that despite the distance and diversity, we share the same beliefs, practices and heritages in our lives at home and at TINW.

We then shared where are families originated and located our families origin on a world map using colored stickers. See photos below. Thank you parents for discussing and assisting with last week’s homework assignment. Your support at home truly enhanced the lesson!

To conclude, each class created a banner illustrating the prompt..,”Being part of the Jewish people is like.....” Please scroll down for photos below to see the beautiful illustrations. Your child also selected a Jewish community to learn more about for a spring class project.

A big thank you to Rabbi Pein for bringing the Festival of Lights Exhibit to TINW and sharing her creative ideas to make this project a huge success!

We ended the evening with Maccabiah games of Gaga and Jewopardy trivia led by Mr Chazdon.

Please note that CJL is not in session next Wednesday, December 26th.

Classes resume on January 2nd!

Wishing everyone a wonderful and relaxing vacation and see everyone in 2019!


Dear parents,


We delved a little deeper into the ׁקִדוּש Kiddush prayer by searching for six words based on the root קדש (kuf/dalet/shin).

The long form of this prayer is not just about blessing the wine or grape juice.

It's about drinking the fruit of the vine as a symbol to make the whole Sabbath holy, to remember all the reasons we celebrate the special time that is Shabbat.

I am pleased that slightly more than half of the students have logged in to Hebrew in Harmony to explore the digital classroom and prayer practice area.

For those students who have not yet logged in, I will try to help you and them with whatever technical issues you are having.

  1. is no Hebrew homework over the vacation, but I strongly suggest those who can't log in figure it out before the next assignment is due.

Pizza time is working much smoother with our camp style serving. Ask your child about it.

The second half of the evening revolved around Macabiah games.

Your children were split into four groups and did two of the following activities: Israeli dancing, gaga, Torah yoga or Sing-down.

Last night was our last session for 2018. Have a great vacation!

See you next year!


Laura Copel
Kita Vav 'כִּתָה ו



























































Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779