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session 15 1/23/19

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Copel

Shalom Kitah Vav Parents-

In Judaica class our study of Jewish history centered on the Jews adjusting to Babylonian society after the destruction of the Second Temple, and how the Diaspora became the new center of Jewish life.  We discussed how the Talmud helped adapt Judaism to life in Babylonia and helped our ancestors maintain their Jewish identities.  We thought about the relationship between the Torah and the Talmud and how both guide many aspects of Jewish life today.  To connect this to present day, we interpreted a quote from the Talmud regarding a parent's obligation to raise a child, and further discussed what other obligations parents should have to their children as well as what obligations children should have to their parents.  Many students gave very thoughtful responses.

We also refreshed our knowledge of the customs associated with Tu Bishvat in preparation for the Seder led by the Confirmation class at the end of the evening.

Please note that we will be dismissing students from the oneg room promptly at 7:00 pm.  Thank you for your assistance with this new dismissal procedure.

Shavua Tov,


Shalom mishpachot!

FIRST: Rabbi Pein asked us to remind you that the Mitzvah Morning festivities were rescheduled for Sunday Jan 27th from 9:30 – 11:30 AM. (Please note the later starting time of 9:30 AM). This is a family community service experience (for CJL students and their parents/families) which will include a light community lunch. Please let us know if we can expect you by clicking this link, Sixth graders and their whole families are warmly welcome!

SECOND: I couldn't resist relating one more Torah portion of the week to our Kiddush unit. This week we read about the Ten Commandments. Our students figured out that after 500 years of slavery, the newly freed Israelites (see last week's report on the crossing of the Sea of Reeds) needed rules to create order from chaos. We found the commandment to celebrate the Sabbath day and to keep it holy. We were reminded of what that means and how to spell holy in Hebrew - קדש

I reminded the students that each of them is expected to record the Kiddush. Their homework is to either correct the recordings they've already made - according to my comments in the app or emailed to parents - or make an initial recording.

PLEASE NOTE that some people have had trouble due to a few different misunderstandings:

  1. Not holding the record button throughout the length of the recording (by the word, the line or whole thing, depending on the setting)
  2. Not remembering/finding the password Behrman House sent - solved by choosing 'forgot password' at login time and then successfully following directions to change it.
  3. Not configuring the microphone properly.

Hopefully their experiences will help your student successfully complete their assignment! This is only our second year using this technology so even I'm still learning.

THIRD: Tonight we celebrated Tu Bishvat a the end of the evening with a delicious seder organized by the Confirmation class. Many tree fruits and cups of grape juice were consumed.

Thank you for your patience with the new dismissal from the oneg room procedure.


Laura Copel

Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779