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session 17 2/6/19

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Copel

Shalom Kitah Vav Parents-

In Judaica class we began our exploration of the Golden Age of Spain

and centered on the contributions and values of Maimonides.   We discussed the meaning and examples of the 8 different levels of giving according to Maimonides Ladder of Tzedakah which teaches that some ways of giving more valuable than others.  Then, we cut out and created individual paper ladders of Tzedakah that ranked from the least effective to the most effective way to give Tzedakah.  The lowest rung of the ladder was when the giver gives unwillingly and the highest rung is when the giver helps others to help themselves.

Please encourage your child to bring Tzedakah each week.

We concluded the evening with having clergy time with Rabbi Jaech.

Shavua Tov,



Shalom mishpachot!

On Wednesday we did a variety of things.

We started with Cantor Fogelman teaching the beautiful song "Lord Prepare Me to Be a Sanctuary" in honor of the Torah portion this week in which God gives Moses instructions for the building of the Sanctuary - the Mishkan in Hebrew.

In class, the students created flash cards with important words from the Kiddush prayer in order to learn their meanings as well as work in their journals to understand the 'observe and remember' (shamor v'zachor) commandments regarding Shabbat.

We also divided up a bit so that some students studied the Torah portion of the week through a fun BimBam video with guided questions

T’rumah - Gifts - For Kita Vav

while other students piloted an experiment attending Hebrew Through Movement with Morah Ariela and Mr. Chazdon.

I am happy to say that nearly all of the students have either made a recording of themselves reading the Kiddush (with or without Hebrew in Harmony) or have read portions of it for me in person. I expect to finish up the Kiddush unit this coming Wednesday and start on the Havdalah blessings after the break.

At the end of the day, we met with Rabbi Jaech who answered the question "Do we have to believe everything in the Torah?" with her own life story of how she became a Jew after being raised in another faith. We were very proud of how all the students were engaged - you could hear a pin drop. The questions they asked were high-level and the rabbi responded in kind.

Shabbat shalom,

Laura Copel

Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779