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session 18 2/13/19

Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Copel

Shalom Kitah Vav Parents-

In Judaica class we continued our exploration of the Golden Age of Spain by learning more about key Jewish figures of this time period.

Our Vavniks collaborated in small groups to read and present the contributions of Samuel Hanagid, Judah Halevi and delved deeper into the life of Moses Maimonides.  Then, we held a mock television show where we invited these figures as guests and other classmates served as talk show hosts to pose interview questions. Other guests were Jews living during that time period who shared their occupations and lifestyles.  This was also a warm up to our in class Vav history project beginning in March.  There will be more details to follow after the break.

The Miss Barton’s Chocolate forms went home. Please consider supporting this CJL fundraiser.

CJL is not in session next Wednesday, February 20th.  See everyone on February 27th!

Enjoy the winter break!


Dear Kita Vav families,

Last night, Feb 13, we finished our Kiddush unit! We celebrated by giving each student the chance to show his or her mastery of the blessing. They could choose from the attached options. I was delighted by the new melodies, the creative drawings, the knowledge of vocabulary and the deep connections students made with the meaning of the prayer. 

I attached a few pictures of some of the work.

Outside of the classroom, we worshipped with Cantor Fogelman and Rabbi Pein, focusing on what spiritual and emotional gifts we can bring to the sanctuary,

Oh, and we ate Chinese food for dinner - a big hit!

Have a wonderful break! I'll see your fabulous children and touch back with you all in two weeks!

Morah Laura Copel
(Morah means teacher in Hebrew)








































































Sun, June 16 2019 13 Sivan 5779