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Why Register your children for CJL Next Year?

05/21/2019 02:55:54 PM


Rabbi Wendy Pein

Our Spring CJL 2018-2019 was filled with so many special services and programs!

Kitah Zayin (Seventh Grade) Mitzvah projects with a family dessert reception Commemoration of Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) by watching a special documentary film about intellectuals who recorded the actual events of the Warsaw Ghetto Maccabiah games to celebrate Yom Ha-Atzmaut, Israel Independence Day Recognition of service of our CJL Faculty...Read more...

What's Jewish About ThanksGiving?

11/19/2018 12:28:43 PM


What would Thanksgiving be without the hearty meal and football on TV…While football on TV is a relatively recent Thanksgiving tradition, the meal and the thanks we offer to God on that day have deep roots within Jewish tradition.  In fact, more generally, food and prayer are deeply entwined throughout Jewish practice

Giving thanks for our food is an integral part of Judaism.  We recite perhaps  the best-known...Read more...

Have you seen the "Punim Pages" in our CJL school hallway?

10/28/2018 08:31:22 PM


When you go upstairs to the CJL school hallway, you may notice the "Punim Pages" or "Face pages" (punim means face in Yiddish) posted on our school bulletin boards.  This is a project we begin at the start of school.  Each student completes a page with their picture on it and fills out a few lines of personal information. When the entire class has completed their pages, we then post the class pages on the bulletin...Read more...

Shout out to the CJL Faculty

10/11/2018 03:16:29 PM


Rabbi Wendy Pein

Did you know that our CJL Faculty continually engages in professional development outside of CJL hours?  This summer, Lane Chazdon, our Kitah Dalet (4th grade) and Hebrew resource teacher, participated in ten hours of training to become certified in Hebrew through Movement, a language acquisition strategy in which students learn Hebrew by hearing and responding to Hebrew commands. Ariela Wehrle, our Hebrew...Read more...

Jewish Summer Reading

08/20/2018 09:02:25 AM


Rabbi Wendy Pein

Last spring, PBS launched “The Great American Read,”  an eight-part series that explores and celebrates the power of reading, told through the prism of America’s 100 best-loved novels (as chosen in a national survey).
Like many people, I  have more time to read in the summer, and I try to take advantage of this time by reading as many books as possible from my  “want to read book list” on my IPhone.

This...

Reflections on AIPAC Conference

03/07/2018 02:32:12 PM


Rabbi Wendy Pein

               I was pleased to be one of over 18,000 supporters of Israel who attended AIPAC’s National Conference, March 3-6, in Washington, DC. It was amazing to see both Jews and non-Jews from all across the political spectrum unite in their support for the state of Israel.  Highlights from the Conference included speeches by U.N Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, Vice President...Read more...

Sun, September 22 2019 22 Elul 5779