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07/30/2020 03:31:04 PM


Rabbi Wendy Pein

With so much fear about Covid-19 and uncertainty about the future, religious school may be one of the last items on most parents’ minds today.  However, the pervasive fear and uncertainty in our world makes religious school more valuable to our children than ever before.  

A Jewish education helps children forge a Jewish identity, and this identity allows children to see themselves as part of the amazing history and mission of the Jewish people, a people which has risen above hardships and sought to improve the world across the ages. Feeling connected to the Jewish people can provide comfort and security. A Jewish education provides children with a Jewish lens through which to understand  and navigate our complex world.  One of our Jewish teens recently shared that he continued his education beyond his bar mitzvah because of  “Community, Tradition and Faith…”   The Jewish community allowed himself to feel part of something bigger through his connection with Jewish peers.  Jewish tradition allowed him to feel this way through connecting to something greater across time.  His strong Jewish faith, developed during his time in the CJL,  has helped him during this anxious time. The vision of the Center for Jewish Learning (CJL) is "to foster and support the growth of its students as Reform Jews" so that they may find meaning and security in our rapidly changing world. Now, more than ever, a religious school education provides an important purpose in the lives of children. It is our hope that registering your children in the CJL will  move to the forefront of your minds this summer.

What you can expect from the CJL in 2020-2021:

  • CJL will be virtual through the Fall/Winter of 2020
  • Structured Zoom classes for all ages
  • Enhanced asynchronous learning through digital learning platforms
  • Small group and personalized Hebrew instruction
  • Clergy will connect to CJL students through CJL classes
  • Virtual community service opportunities
  • Monthly social issues discussion class for teens
  •  Madrichim (Teen Aide) program and teen  leadership development

The CJL allows your child/ren to connect to the history of the Jewish people, engage in Jewish community, learn and live Jewish values, and helps children foster a Jewish identity which can provide security and comfort. We all want that for our children. Which is why I hope your children will begin/continue their Jewish journey with us in 2020-2021.


Rabbi Wendy Pein

Thu, June 30 2022 1 Tammuz 5782