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All Events
  • Sunday
    Jan  19
    MLK-Croton Commemoration
    Sunday, Jan 19th 12:00pm to 2:30pm
    Former Village of Croton Mayor, Leo Wiegman will speak about his grandparents who sheltered a Jewish family fleeing Nazi persecution during WW II, with the hope that this will help us think about how we can be inspired to act in difficult times.


  • Monday
    Jan  20
    Peekskill Area Pastors' Association MLK Service
    Monday, Jan 20th 4:00pm to 6:00pm
    Hallel B'shir will be singing at Peekskill Area Pastors Association service. Please join us to celebrate the ideals of Martin Luther King Jr.


  • Tuesday
    Jan  21
    Purim Spiel Auditions

    Tuesday, Jan 21st 7:30pm to 9:30pm
    This year's Purim Spiel will use Elton John music as a theme. Come to share your talents and enthusiasm in our annual Purim Spiel. I'm looking at you Rocket Man...


  • Thursday
    Jan  23
    J.E.W.E.L. Review of Jewish Immigration to the USA

    Thursday, Jan 23rd 12:00pm to 2:00pm
    Beginning in 1654 and continuing to present day, explore why some Jews were admitted to the US and some were turned away. Presented by Dr. Jack Judd.



our vision

To support the spiritual and religious journey of our congregants and provide the foundation for building a better world through teaching and living our Jewish values. 

More info on our values

our mission

We strengthen the connections of our congregants with Judaism in order to live meaningful and purposeful lives.  We provide an inclusive, warm and welcoming community.  We promote a sense of peace and unity within our community and beyond through acts of loving kindness and social justice. 

tinw calendar    

music in our community

 “Then sang Moses and the children of Israel.” 
Exodus 15:1

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We're a group of guys doing good things for the Temple and our community:

  • Midnight Runs to bring food and clothing to the homeless
  • Scholarships and multi-layered support for our Center for Jewish Learning (CJL) School
  • Ushering at High Holy days 
  • TINW softball team
  • Comedy Night, Community breakfasts, Lecture Program & NOSH, our Jewish Food Festival

For more friends, more laughs & more bagels...join us!

more information



The Sisterhood of TINW is a community within a community.

  • We are single, married and partnered
  • We are with and without children
  • We are born Jewish, Jews by choice and non-Jews married to Jews
  • We are new and long-time members
  • We are mothers, daughters and sisters

We would love to include you in our community!  Please join us!

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make a difference

Temple Israel offers a variety of ways to help you make a difference in the
lives of others, whether you have hours to give or just minutes. 


Weekly TINW schedule

we offer the use of hearing devices

Today's Calendar

Torah Study
: 9:30am

Tomorrow's Calendar

No CJL Classes
: 9:00am
MLK-Croton Commemoration
: 12:00pm

Friday Night

Shabbat Day

Torah Study
: 9:30am
: 10:30am
Teen Laser Tag!
: 6:00pm


Sat, January 18 2020 21 Tevet 5780