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Temple Israel Madrichim (Teen Aide) Program

Temple Israel's Madrichim (Teen Aide) program is a weekly program which offers our post b'nei mitzvah (8th grade and above) students an opportunity to work in various capacities within the synagogue to gain hands-on experience in leadership skills. Spending time alongside younger students and with our CJL Faculty creates a sense of community for all involved. Madrichimot can serve in their roles on Sunday mornings on Wednesday afternoons.

Madrichim are able to:

  • Assist in Sunday CJL classes
  • Mentor younger students
  • Design and lead elective classes and projects for the younger grades
  • Assist with the creation and execution of CJL Programs
  • Participate in leadership development meetings with a Madrichimot Coordinator 
  • Earn either a stipend or community service hours for their participation
  • Develop an internship opportunity in their 11th and/or 12th grade high school years

Quotes from our Madrichim:

"I enjoy being a madrichim because it gives me good experience interacting with kids and I like to be able to help the teachers and the kids."

"I learned that I have to be more patient around children and that building trust can take a while sometimes."

"I enjoy being a madricha because I love to help younger kids learn and watch them grow."

"From this program, I have learned how to make a difference in their learning and I have enjoyed teaching, along with having fun with the younger kids."

"Some of my favorite experiences while being a madricha have been helping kids one on one with their projects or work in class."

"I enjoy being a Madrachim because I love to work with kids. I have belonged to Temple Israel since I was in kindergarten. Now being able to go back as I am older and be a mentor to the younger kids, is the best feeling. Their is so much to offer to the young kids and I love helping anyway I can."

"I have learned how to get through to the younger kids so they understand you, and also how to keep them focused. Also how much work it is to teach, and learn about the Jewish religion. I enjoy all the time spent at the temple, and love seeing the kids enjoy learning about the Jewish religion."

"An experience that stands out in my mind is making the sukkot every year. I enjoy this time because the kids get to experience a holiday that is not one of the “regular” ones. It is cool when we all come together and make the sukkot."


Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784