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Temple israel Values


To support the spiritual and religious journey of our congregants and provide the foundation for building a better world through teaching and living our Jewish values.  


  • Provide an inclusive, warm and welcoming community. 
  • Strengthen the connections of our congregants with Judaism in order to live more meaningful and purposeful lives. 
  • Promote a sense of peace and unity within our community and beyond through acts of loving kindness and social justice. 

the Temple israel experience


Temple Israel strengthens the connections of our congregants with the higher purposes of Judaism, our sacred celebrations, the study of Torah, and Jewish learning.  It fosters connections to those within our Temple community, outside of our Temple community, and to the memories of those who have come before us. 


Temple Israel provides an inclusive, warm and welcoming community for our congregants and our CJL students at all grade levels. Our community is available to one another, is willing to listen, to discuss, to be flexible, accepting and supportive.  Children and adult congregants alike reach out to those in need within and beyond our community, with acts of loving kindness and social justice programs to repair our corner of the world.  In a true relational community, you are deeply invested in the people, success and work of the community, and that means you put yourself forward for the community.


Temple Israel promotes a sense of peace and unity, bringing together many elements of Temple life – the glow of our Sanctuary at services and on High Holidays, the inspiring words of our Rabbi, the beauty of our Cantor’s voice, the harmony of our adult and youth choirs and bands, the sorrow and the laughter, and many times something good to eat.  The harmony inside is embraced by the natural beauty of the Temple’s setting outside. 


Temple Israel welcomes congregants of all generations, varying lifestyles and backgrounds. Whether you are seeking a connection with a Jewish community, Jewish education for yourself or your family, or to explore or deepen your connection to Jewish life, Temple Israel of Northern Westchester is a place you can call home.  

Our diverse membership encompasses a wide range of Jewish beliefs, practices and backgrounds.  Yet, congregants seek a common and shared spiritual bond with Judaism.  Since its inception, Temple Israel continues on a spiritual path reflecting the enduring traditions of Judaism, while serving the current needs of our members.

Temple israel'S CODE OF ETHICS

Temple Israel is committed to protecting our Community. Please review our Code of Ethics.

"If you estrange those who are distant, you will ultimately estrange those who are near!"
Numbers Rabbah, (8:4)
Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784