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The Friends of TINW Grades 1 & 2 Program allows your family to participate in TINW community life and enroll your child(ren) in our Center for Jewish Learning (CJL) with a reduced financial commitment, until your oldest child reaches 3rd grade. Use the Friends of TINW Grades 1 & 2 Registration Form below to register your children. 

This program includes the age appropriate CJL fee +50% for each student each year without any other financial commitments.  The additional 50% will be applied toward your TINW Building Fund commitment should you decide to become TINW members as your oldest child enters 3rd grade.  If your family does not become TINW members at that time the +50% is non-refundable. 

Contact Rabbi Wendy Pein to learn more about the CJL experience or Robin Safarowic, our Temple Administrator, to discuss any other questions about finances or Temple life.

TINW Friends Grades 1 & 2 Registration

IMPORTANT: Please complete ONE FORM per child.

Indicate your child's grade.  

In order to improve the safety of everyone in our building, we will be engaging a security firm to manage our entrances during our busiest times (Fri. evening, Sat. morning, Sun. morning and Wed. evening and certain large events throughout the year).  

In the event that we cannot reach a parent, please provide the name of an emergency contact

Please indicate this person's relationship to your child.

If it is important for your child to be placed in a class with a friend, please provide ONE name here.  We will do our best to honor your request.

I would love to be a class parent and help out with class projects and/or make phone calls and/or send emails to families.  Our teachers welcome and need class parents, so thank you for volunteering.

Please be aware of the health issues (e.g. allergies) listed above.  

My child takes the medications listed above.

Listed above are my child's academic, behavioral or special needs at home and in secular school.

Listed above is additional information that you would like us to know about your child.

PHOTO CONSENT AND RELEASE: As the parent(s) or guardian(s) of minor child/children enrolled in the Temple Israel Center for Jewish Learning, I/We give consent, without further consideration or compensation, to allow Temple Israel of Northern Westchester (hereinafter TINW) and or their duly appointed representative or any person(s) acting with their permission to record and publish the likeness or image (full or in part) of my child/children, in all forms including but not limited to still, video or electronic photographic formats with or without sound. These photographic images may be used for whatever lawful purpose they may desire. If photographic material is published, TINW will take precautionary steps to provide minimal identifying information. No student’s name, mailing address, telephone number or e-mail address will be on or published with any photographic image. Further, I/We release TINW and their duly appointed representative(s) and any person acting with their permission from any and all liability that may arise from the use of these photographic materials. This consent and release shall remain in full force and effect until withdrawn by me/us in writing.
NON-MEMBER CJL REGISTRATION: I/we understand and acknowledge that by registering my/our child as a non-member we are paying a fee that is higher than the fee members would pay.  I/we understand that this option is available to me/us while my/our child is in kindergarten, first or second grade.  I/we understand then if my/our child is to continue in the CJL in third grade and beyond, I/we must become members of Temple Israel.  When I/we become members, a portion of the tuition paid during kindergarten to 2nd grade will be credited towards our future Temple membership fees.  

Our school atmosphere is one based on mutual respect for learning and growth. In the spirit of community, and in order to achieve our goals and ensure the integrity of our program, the following is the covenant to which the student, parent and Temple agree:

Each CJL student agrees to:

1. Try to arrive to CJL in a timely fashion and when arriving, be ready to join and participate in class.

2. Be courteous and kind to teachers and other students.

3. Treat the building and its classrooms respectfully.

4. Enter the Sanctuary with special care and respect.

5. Participate in T’fillah (prayer services) to the best of his/her ability.

6. Turn in assignments regularly and on time.

7. Participate in class activities to the best of his/her ability, without intentionally causing disruptions.

8. Never act in a way that prevents another student from learning.

The CJL faculty, staff and Parents agree to:

1. Promise to listen and respond to all issues.

2. Assist any student who needs extra help.

3. Create an atmosphere of warmth and inclusiveness.

4. Participate as a partner in the Jewish development of the student.

By selecting Yes and by enrolling your child(ren) in the Center for Jewish Learning (CJL) at Temple Israel of Northern Westchester, you and your child indicate your agreement to this covenant.



Sun, May 22 2022 21 Iyar 5782