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The Blessing of Wow

05/16/2019 11:39:02 AM


Last week, a young boy attended a riveting concert at Boston's Symphony Hall. He was so moved by the beautiful Mozart piece played by the orchestra that he uttered an audible "wow" at the end of the piece.  See the amazing video by clicking here.

Thanks to social media, a viral search to discover the boy's identity ensued. What they learned about the mysterious voice was nothing short of miraculous. Not only is he on the autism spectrum, but he is essentially non-verbal. His reaction to the music was one of just a handful of times he had ever uttered a spontaneous expression of emotion. 

The transcendental experience that this youngster received through music is what we strive to achieve in the synagogue. These moments of "wow" are so beautiful that they take our breath away. It is for this reason why our sanctuary doors are open to people of all ages and abilities. We must allow innocent exclamations like this inspire us, rather than disrupt us. After all, Jewish prayer traditionally takes place in a communal setting. We each have our own needs and preferences, but the real beauty lies in the collective congregational experience. 


Fri, June 2 2023 13 Sivan 5783