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estelle linz award qualifications


Qualities that may be considered in choosing award recipients:

  • Significant volunteer commitment
  • Significant commitment to Temple Israel over the years (attending programs just to show support, etc.)
  • Humility – doesn’t volunteer in order to be in the spotlight
  • Mentor to others
  • Actively involved even after leaving a leadership position
  • A good listener
  • Age is NOT a criterion (a deserving younger person can receive this)
  • While this is not a “personality” award, some consideration should be given to whether the person treats others with derech eretz: politeness and respect.


Past recipients:

  • David Schwab
  • Richie Schupper
  • Lynn Fielden Smith
  • Carolyn Kunin
  • Sue Feir
  • Norman Newman
  • Alan Brott
  • Laura Copel
  • Gordon Cutler


Sat, February 4 2023 13 Sh'vat 5783