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From Israel to the moon

04/04/2019 11:03:51 AM


Andrew Blumberg

Israel had hoped to become the fourth country in the world to land a spacecraft on the moon, with the launch of the unmanned spacecraft Beresheet from Florida’s Cape Canaveral. The project is funded almost entirely from private donations. The craft sent a selfie, from 23,000 miles away, with earth in the background and plaque featuring the phrases 'Am Yisrael Chai’ and 'small country, big dreams.’ On April 4th it achieved lunar orbit. It was expected to touch down on the moon on April 11.

Unfortunately, just a short distance above the surface of the moon, the Beresheet craft developed trouble with its main engine and with communications to earth. A short time later it was announced that the craft did not land successfully. 

The mission's team was congratulated for their achievements by project leaders and the Prime Minister. Israel is the 7th country to send a craft into lunar orbit and one of just a few to put a craft on the surface. Despite the landing failure there was a congratulatory atmosphere. The broadcast of the event ended with President Rivlin leading a singing of Hatikvah. 

Click here to read more and see last selfie sent by Beresheet from above the lunar surface.

SpaceIL has announced that it will make another attempt at a moon landing.

You can learn more about the mission at the SpaceIL website.

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