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21st Century Jewish Peoplehood

06/12/2019 10:13:18 PM


Andrew Blumberg

If you have an interest in any of: Jewish continuation, a thriving Jewish People, a thriving Jewish state, the Jewish right of self determination, engagement of American Jewry with Jewish Peoplehood and the State of Israel, or individual and collective Jewish identity, then download The Peoplehood Papers 25, Towards a Peoplehood Based 21st Century Zionism.

The Peoplehood Papers is published by The Center for Jewish Peoplehood (CJPE), whose vision is “To create and sustain a vibrant and thriving Jewish People whose institutions nurture belonging and commitment to the Jewish collective enterprise for the purpose of enriching Jewish life and making the world a better place.”

To that end, CJPE provides thought leadership and education “for collective Jewish belonging, often focused in the areas of Jewish Peoplehood and Israel education.” It delivers much of that in its ongoing and engaging series The Peoplehood Papers. First published in October 2007, CJPE released the 25th edition of The Peoplehood Papers last month. This latest edition is dedicated as a “platform for broadening and deepening the conversation on the Zionism of the 21st century.” ​​​​​​​The entire series of Peoplehood Papers is available for download at the link above.

Mon, August 8 2022 11 Av 5782