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Tune in to Israel on your phone (updated)

08/28/2019 08:30:07 PM


Andrew Blumberg

It’s easier than ever to tune in to radio and podcasts from around the world, and there are plenty from and about Israel. One source is Kan, the Israel Public Broadcasting Corporation. There are several Kan stations available on the TuneIn radio app and other apps as well. The Kan programs are live and carry a variety of content such as Kan Gimmel for Israeli music, Kan Kol Hamusica for classical music and Kan 88 for jazz, blues and electronic music. The only drawback to the Kan selections is that they are for a Hebrew speaking audience, which does not include me.

One station, Kan Reka, has a one hour daily show in English at 8PM in Israel which is 1PM in New York. But thanks to other apps you don’t have to worry about tuning in at the right time. Kan Reka’s English program is available as a podcast that you can subscribe to with apps like Google Podcasts. Whatever podcast app you use, search for Kan Reka. If you’re using a web browser instead of an app, follow this link for access to the recorded show in English and some headline stories. Shows are also available in nine other languages not including Hebrew. Brush up on your Ladino.

There are many other podcasts from and about Israel. Find an app of your choice in the app store on your device, and then search in the app. Some of the podcasts offer an opportunity to learn new things and gain a new perspective beyond the usual sources. JNF’s IsraelCast promises “stories of interesting people doing fascinating work all over Israel.”

Update since original post: The Times of Israel and the American Jewish Committee have jointly announced the launch of a new podcast called People of the Pod.

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