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How Can we laugh?

03/19/2019 07:31:21 PM


As the silly and frivolous festival of Purim approaches, one of our members asked:  How can we laugh with all the terrible things happening in our world?  It is a good question.  How do we laugh after the racist murders in the mosques in New Zealand, the rockets flying towards Tel Aviv, or the floods that are devastating communities in the Midwest and in other areas around the world? 

I wonder if celebrating Purim teaches us that we need a time to turn from tragedy and have some fun.  Our ancestors created this early spring holiday so we can turn the rules upside down and let off some steam.   Centuries later, we celebrate Purim because it continues to serve a purpose. Humor can give us strength.  Laughter can balance our perspective.  Being playful reminds us remind us that life is good.  Purim is here!  How can we NOT laugh?

Mon, January 18 2021 5 Sh'vat 5781