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Honoring the b'nai mitzvah

There are no fees for the services of the Rabbi, Cantor, or organist at a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. You may choose to make a voluntary contribution in honor of the B'nai Mitzvah to any of our Temple funds. Funds are described here for your convenience.

The custom of “making offerings” – giving tzedakah – as an expression of gratitude for all our blessings, traces back to Biblical times. Many questions concerning offerings are received by the Temple staff, particularly from new members. What is an offering? When are offerings made? What is the correct amount to donate?

An offering can be defined as an act of prayer in which the participant extends himself/herself beyond the act of uttering words. It exceeds mere vocal expression and indicates that an act of personal sacrifice has been performed by the donor. The amount of an offering is less important than the deed. A small offering made by a person of limited income is as noble in nature as a larger one given by a person of wealth.

Thu, June 20 2024 14 Sivan 5784